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Advantages of Democratic Control for Workforce

April 12th, 2014

Democratic LeadershipIn Indonesia business operation, you can find mainly four management styles: democratic, authoritarian, paternalistic, and laissez-flame. Many of us clearly agree totally that democratic leadership model which can be also more generally known as participative leadership may be the most powerful one, right? That’s since it gives the three gains bellow for workers:

Be highly appreciated. They’ll feel valued for certain, since independence is got by workers show their fights on any business problem and to provide involvement. Gratitude is vital to create workers feel enthusiastic and precious at the job. There’s no working under great pressure since personnel don’t get understanding from superiors. Additionally, gratitude in democratic management becomes a proof that companies treat workers fairly also.

Be Involved In decision-making. Democratic command permits staff to be involved in making a choice regarding to company concerns. Get the following activity and the commanders require the info from personnel to help make the correct choice. Workers may take advantage of this as they are in a position to supply ideas and communicate their views. Because commanders might consider centered on employees’ views also your decision isn’t merely on one-hand. The more participation from class members, stronger the greater and the teamwork is.

Be truly inspired. Additionally, you’ll be able to encourage yourself by employed in an organization that utilizes democratic authority. By getting you and other personnel in almost any possible scenario your company offers inspiration and help. He/she directs one likewise develop favorable situations at work, develop your attention, and to execute the position.

Democratic leadership is just a really powerful leadership model that will benefit both workers and leaders, in conclusion.

Make Child’s Birthday Party Enjoyable

April 9th, 2014

As a parent, you are not only obligated to care for, raise, and keep your child but also obligated to make her happy. Happy child does not mean you give luxury goods and foreign holidays, but by celebrating her birthday party had to make her happy.

Would be happier if your birthday party or any inventions made ​​it memorable guests. How? Consider the following simple trick:

Child's Birthday PartyPrepare game. In addition to creating memorable birthday parties, the existence of the game also makes the invited guests feel at home. So, be sure to prepare a proper game. Like what?

  • Main sand. You could hold a contest for guests who can form good sand with it will be rewarded.
  • Puzzles. You can also prepare for a puzzle game. Puzzle is of course able to hone the skills of the invited guests.

Invite a clown. On the other hand, it would not hurt if you invite a clown to enliven your child’s birthday party. If not a clown, you can invite people to show fashion superhero characters such as Batman, Spiderman, or so forth.

Invite photo booth. Birthday party without documentation it does not fit. Therefore, make sure to invite a photo booth services documentation services. The resulting photo can be immediately brought home by the invited guests.

Give a cute souvenir. In order for your child’s birthday party can always be memorable in the hearts of the guests. Make sure gives a funny souvenir as a memento. The towels bearing the name of your child, where to eat, school bag, pencil case or can you consider as souvenirs.

Birthday party will feel incomplete without the presence of cake right? Therefore, make sure you order a birthday cake in


Go to Bali? Buy These Souvenirs

April 5th, 2014

Air pollution, frenzied motor vehicles, and piles of work that you face every day of course requires you to do on a weekend or holiday time. Therefore, there is no doubt it will make your stress.

UdengIn this case, you can consider Bali as your holiday destination. In Bali, you can choose Ubud as a tourist place you visit. Ubud will give you peace, peace, and coolness, which can be seen from the green rice fields and rice terraces that characterizes the Ubud area.

Not only that but also you will be able to add your insights about the art and culture of Bali in Ubud. This is because the Ubud area is dominated by art galleries and performances of dance or music that is performed every night in rotation in all directions.

Vacation to Bali, it feels incomplete if you do not take the time to hunt for souvenirs with a purpose as a memento or as gifts for family, friends, or relatives. Consider some souvenirs that you can consider when to Bali.

  1. Udeng. Udeng can be interpreted as a headband of cloth are commonly used by men in Bali in religious activities, traditional ceremonies, or even in the day-to- day activities. Udeng can also be used as an indicator of status or identity in daily life.
  2. Gloves chess. One more identic sarong from Bali which varied with the simple motif boxes with black and white color combination. When viewed, these gloves similar to chess motif. This situation makes the glove glove called chess.
  3. Barong shirt. To Bali, do not buy a barong shirt, it feels less than perfect. So, you can bring motivated barong shirt on the front side or the back of the shirt as a souvenir you to return to your home area.



Methods to Start a Beauty Center

March 29th, 2014

Beauty Clinic3Confused identify the company to be performed? Why don’t you start a beauty center? Why? Associated with not due to the past and current women usually wish to look stunning no matter what. However, occasionally some ladies are lazy to complete it-yourself athome beauty treatments. Therefore, beauty centers would be the most suitable answer for them. How, you involved?

Think About The market-share. It’s essential that you should consider may be the market-share, before you start a beauty center. Market-share may be the target or the criterion that will be the aim of beauty solutions you provide.

  • Among large. It’d not hurt giving free massages, shopping deals, or different if you provide a high enough cost, but having an a lot more exceptional amenities for instance, if the upper-middle-class is chosen by you as your market-share.
  • Among the low center. You need certainly to supply cost-effective prices due to their pockets, if the lower-middle class is chosen by you as your market-share.

Think About A beautician. About The other-hand, you’re also necessary to think about the beauty specialists who’ll provide and aid your people. Be sure you are working with beauty specialists are licensed, qualified, and trusted. It is possible to guarantee security for your patients, besides having the ability to attract the attention of patients for therapy in a beauty center.

Consider gear. Aside from whichever industry you choose, make sure to choose quality gear. Additionally, it may be considered a distinct benefit for the beauty center, along with reducing things that aren’t attractive since the gear isn’t great.

These are a few actions you certainly can do. Best of luck.


Teens’ Thankfulness for Mama

March 23rd, 2014

gift for MotherActually, provided the compromise of the mother from pregnancy, taking care of, and keeping us up to substantial or person can’t answer until when. However, at-least you like a youngster attempting to make her happy.

Pleasure is believed with a mom at least significantly in a position to respond excellent compromise does. You are able to provide these acknowledgments having an activity. What’s it?

Observe what he required. In case you didn’t possess the content to be provided with, during your perspective that’s tractable or not rebel what it suggests is a type of thanks on your mom.

That’s a type of passion that you certainly can do for your joy of parents, especially your mom.

Providing presents. The reward is often as follows:

  1. Houses. To The other-hand, you may also give a mansion that’s long believed to mama.
  2. Flowers. If you’re not functioning or not getting, you may give your mommy a lot of plants. Receive flower at Flower Advisor.
  3. Jewelry. Nonetheless, if you’ve an ample income, it’d not hurt if you present white or platinum jewelry to mom.

Just a suggestion, it would not hurt if you give the gift at the time of the mother’s birthday or Mother’s Day at the time. Is not likely to be a very special gift for him.


Avoid Getting Stuck in Debt

March 14th, 2014

debt aOne of my close friends applied extravagant lifestyle couple years ago. This made his life look different from us. He looked more fashionable and classy than other friends and I. Unfortunately, his lifestyle made him have to lack of money and get stuck in debts at last. He lost all his personal assets to pay off his debts.

If you don’t want to be trapped in debts, avoid applying extravagant lifestyle and doing several things below:

Shop excessively. Shopping is fun. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to waste much money when doing this activity, right? Thus, avoid shopping excessively. Just buy needed products based on your daily needs, so you can save some money. If possible, find stores that offer discounts and promo prices, so you can cut down your expenses optimally.

Ignore all your expenses. You need to know that doing this mistake will only make you get financial problem at last. In other hand, you should plan and pay attention to your expenses, so you know how much your monthly income in detail and reduce them if those are bigger than your income. For instance, if you apply for home loan, you are required to make home loan repayment plan, so you can pay all your installments regularly. Use home loan calculator or ask for help from professional financial planner or advisor if you feel unable to plan it.

By doing these, the risks of being trapped in debts can be minimized optimally, so you can get comfort in running your life.

Benefits of Choosing College Abroad

March 12th, 2014

benefitWhat is your plan after graduating from high school? Do you want to study at college? If you do, what is your choice between domestic college and college abroad? If you choose college abroad, it is a good choice. Nevertheless, it does not mean that choosing domestic college is bad choice. You need to know that choosing college abroad you can get many benefits, such as:

Enable you to graduate fast. Most colleges abroad offer fast studying duration in which you can take bachelor degree within two years (six semesters) and master degree within one year (three semesters). This short duration does not reduce teaching and learning quality at all. You will get full classes during a week continuously. In each semester, you will get different materials that can boost your knowledge and skill. If you need additional class, just inform your lecturers.

Have qualified knowledge and skill. Most lecturers abroad have doctoral degree (Ph. D). Of course, they also have many years of experience. They will teach you by using interesting methods and strategies, so you can have qualified knowledge and skill. Thus, you don’t need to doubt their professionalism and credibility anymore.

Ease you to get job. Graduates of colleges abroad have certificate which is admitted by all countries all around the world. This means that you can work anywhere. Besides, business owners usually feel happy if they can recruit those graduates. Because of this, you will get easiness in getting job after college graduation.

Keep in mind to choose college that matches with your educational background and passion, okay!

Should You Put ‘About Us’ Menu on Your Site?

January 26th, 2014

tanya bSome people have opinion that ‘About Us’ menu is one of the important information to put on ecommerce site only and some others believe that putting this menu on all sites is a must.  How about you? What is your opinion? If you are confused and want to get the answer, read information below:

Actually, putting ‘About Us’ menu on site can be important and unimportant.  It becomes important if you have eCommerce site. Realize that your customers definitely want to know about your company in detail. Because of this, you need to put this menu on your site. In contrast, if your site just contains of your stories or article collections, putting this menu is not important. Why? Visitors usually don’t want to know about writer or author well.

Hopefully, by reading this information, you can get the right answer. If you have different perception and want to share it, please give your comment here, okay!

Business for Beginner

January 4th, 2014

bisnis pemulaQuite often we find the reason some people get an education up to the higher level is to be accepted in large companies or renowned. However, very few people are aiming to build their own businesses after graduation education. Whereas in fact, 90 % of the rich living as a businessman is not an employee in the company. Are you interested in becoming a business? Business that you can consider as a beginner to work at the:

Business franchise. In this business, you do not need a complicated thought and complex production process so it is very fitting for the beginner. However, you need to know to build this business required substantial capital. But calm, you can work around this by borrowing capital from banks or can also invite your friends to join.

Businesses buying and selling goods online. Another fairly simple business is a business of buying and selling goods online. Before you run this business, it’s good for the market research to find out what kind of items needed and desired by consumers.




Ada Apa di

December 16th, 2013

questionTongkang adalah jenis kapal yang berfungsi untuk mengangkut hasil tambang dari pulau terpencil. Jenis kapal ini digerakkan menggunakan kapal tunda dengan cara ditarik atau didorong. Kapal tongkang memiliki fungsi penting di pertambangan.

Apakah Anda ingin sewa tongkang di Kalimantan? Atau sebaliknya, Anda adalah pemilik kapal tongkang yang ingin menyewakan armada Anda? Tidak usah repot-repot karena solusi untuk keduanya ada di Website ini adalah pusatnya jasa penyewaan kapal tongkang.

Dengan begitu pemilik dan calon penyewa tongkang bisa dengan mudah bertemu dan berhubungan satu sama lain untuk membicarakan tentang penyewaan tongkang. Adapun berada di bawah manajemen PT. Makmur Abadi Shipping yang berbasis di Sampit, Kalimantan Tengah. Perusahaan ini telah disahkan berdasarka Keputusan Menteri Hukum dan Hak Manusia RI No. AHU-45771.AH.01.01 tanggal 16 September 2009, seperti yang dilansir dari websitenya.

PT. Makmur Abadi Shipping menyediakan jasa sewa/rental kapal tongkang dan kapal tunda. Layanan ditawarkan juga mencakup angkutan pertambangan, hasil hutan, hasil perkebunan, dan proyek infastruktur.

My Bad Experience in Lombok

December 15th, 2013

bad experienceEvery tourist surely has bad experience when going on vacation. Yup, I also get bad experience several months ago when visiting Lombok. At that moment, I stayed at one of Lombok hotels because I thought that choosing hotel was the right choice. Actually, my perception was wrong because I chose bad hotel. At that hotel, there was no surveillance cameras, so when bad guy stolen my goods, there was no hotel party who could help me.

I really regretted and felt disappointed with that hotel because I lost many valuable things, like mobile phone, watch, clothes, and souvenirs. Fortunately, when the accident happened, I brought my wallet, so I did not lose my money. However, I had to get loss. If I calculated, my loss was about 800 dollars.

Based on my bad experience in Lombok, now I’m always careful of choosing hotel in Lombok. Hopefully, that bad experience is the first and the last. :)

How to Manage Time (for Housewife)?

December 15th, 2013

manageHousewives certainly don’t need to go to work, right? They only stay at home to take care of house and family.

However, some housewives are still in problem to manage time. They’re still overwhelmed of having family time. Are you one of them? If you are, do these things:

First, make a list of your responsibilities. Separate the list of jobs that are about taking care of house and family. Then, also make different list of the responsibilities that are related to taking care of house you need to do daily and weekly. You might need to sweep and mop every day, but you only need to mow once a week, right?

Second, try to limit the time to do your duties. Make your own target. You can start working at seven and must finish at ten.

Third, you need to work more quickly. For this, you might need to find certain strategies. You might need to share with your friends.

Before Going on Vacation

December 13th, 2013

vacation cEveryone definitely likes going on vacation. How about you? Do you like going on vacation? If you do, do you plan to do this fun activity in the short time? If you answer yes, make sure that you do several things below first, so you can enjoy your vacation:

Prepare enough budgets. Going on vacation you need to have enough budgets, especially if you invite your family and go on another city or country. Besides, you have to prepare extra money to face unpredictable problems, like getting sick. To help you know more how to prepare budgets for vacation, read this article: how to do budgeting for vacation.

Package your clothes and book hotel soon. A week before going to destination place, it is better to start packaging your clothes and booking hotel. If you go on vacation in holiday season, make sure that you make hotel reservation a month before. This is important to make you get room.

Menyiasati Tangan yang Kurus

December 10th, 2013

jamBagian tubuh mana yang paling membuat Anda tidak pede? Saya jadi tertarik untuk membahas hal ini setelah salah satu teman dekat saya di kampus berhasil menyiasati dan menutupi hal yang menurunkan rasa percaya dirinya, yakni tangan kurus. Inilah dua trik yang ia jelaskan pada saya:

  1. Menggunakan baju lengan panjang. Agar tangan kurus tidak tampak, baiknya tutupi dengan baju lengan panjang. Ets, jangan salah. Ini juga bermanfaat untuk menjaga kulit tubuh yang putih agar tidak terkena sinar matahari secara langsung. Peraturannya adalah jangan menggunakan pakaian yang terlalu ketat dan pula longgar. Blazer tangan panjang sangat manis untuk si kurus.
  2. Memakai jam tangan. Trik lain untuk menyiasati tangan yang kurus adalah memakai aksesoris tangan, misalnya jam tangan. Aksesoris tangan akan membuat penampilan terlihat manis sehingga orang tidak memperhatiakn kekurangan tubuh. Jam yang dikenakan sebaiknya tidak memiliki diameter dan tali jam yang terlalu besar. Warnanya pun harus disesuaikan dengan warna pakaian.

Yang Membuat Kulit Putihmu Hitam Kembali

December 10th, 2013

putihKamu telah berhasil memutihkan wajah berkat kesabaranmu menggunakan ramuan alami atau krim pemutih wajah? Selamat ya? Namun, jangan sampai kamu terlena. Wajah kamu yang sekarang putih bisa kembali hitam kalau kamu melakukan hal-hal di bawah ini:

Pertama, kamu sengaja keluar rumah atau bahkan traveling dalam waktu yang lama di bawah sinar matahari tanpa menggunakan sunblock. Kamu tahu kalau sengatan matahari adalah penyebab kulit menjadi hitam dengan sangat cepat, bukan?

Kedua, kamu menjadi malas membersihkan muka sebelum tidur. Ingat satu hal kalau kulit akan melakukan proses regenerasi saat kamu tidur. Kalau kamu membiarkan sisa makeup menumpuk saat tidur, proses regenerasi kulit pun tak akan berjalan optimal. Hal ini tak hanya akan menimbulkan jerawat melainkan juga menyebabkan kulit wjaah kusam dan hitam.

Selain malas membersihkan wajah sebelum tidur, kamu juga bisa hitam lagi loh kalau kamu jarang membersihkan muka dan jarang mandi karena kotoran akan menumpuk di wajah dan menyebabkan kulit nampak hitam.

Tas Ransel Baruku

November 29th, 2013

backpackerMendaki gunung bersama para pecinta alam merupakan sesuatu yang sangat membanggakan. Susah payah dan letihnya tubuh akan terbayar tuntas jika sudah berada di puncak gunung dan melihat pemandangan alam yang begitu indah dan menakjubkan. Aku sendiri sudah 5 kali ikut serta dalam kegiatan mendaki gunung. Dan akhir tahun ini aku dan teman-temanku berencana untuk mendaki gunung Rinjani di Lombok.

Untuk mempersiapkan hal itu, aku membutuhkan tas ransel baru karena tas ransel lamaku sudah robek. Aku mencari tas ransel di beberapa toko online terpercaya dan akhirnya aku menemukan Backpack Royal Mountain 1438 di sebuah toko online yang bernama Lojai. Saat aku membeli tas tersebut, ternyata harga tas ini termasuk ke dalam harga tas spesial di Lojai. Harga normal tas ini bisa mencapai 800 ribu rupiah, tapi karena aku membelinya di Lojai, aku hanya perlu mengeluarkan dana sebesar 357 ribu rupiah saja.

Tas ransel baru sudah aku dapatkan, kini tinggal mempersiapkan fisik dan mental, serta pakaian dan perlatan mendaki yang nantinya akan aku bawa ke Lombok.

Makanan Fermentasi Khas Lampung

November 29th, 2013

Lampung adalah salah satu kota yang paling diincar oleh wisatawan lokal atau mancanegara, setelah Bali, Lombok, dan Palembang. Mengapa? Yup, karena Lampung memiliki keindahan tempat-tempat wisata yang tak kalah menariknya dengan daerah-daerah tersebut. Sebut saja seperti Pantai Mutun, Tanjung Setia, Teluk Kiluan, Pantai Klara, Pantai Pasir Putih, dan masih banyak lagi.

tempoyak2Di sisi lain, Lampung juga memiliki makanan unik yang cukup menarik perhatian para pelancong. Apa? Yup, makanan hasil fermentasinya.

Tempoyak. Tahukah Anda dengan tempoyak? Tempoyak adalah olahan daging buah durian yang telah difermentasi dengan garam. Makanan khas Lampung ini akan sangat nikmat bila ditumis dengan cabai atau sebagai campuran pindang Lampung.

Bekasom. Satu lagi makanan unik khas Lampung yakni Bekasom. Bekasom adalah telur ikan yang telah difermentasi selama kurang lebih 3 hari. Di sisi lain, Bekasom adalah makanan wajib yang  disajikan pada acara besar atau acara adat seperti Nayo.

Selain enak, makanan fermentasi ini pun memiliki beragam manfaat yakni menjaga kekebalan tubuh, membantu absorsi mineral, atau lain sebagainya.

Tempat Wisata Kuliner di Medan

November 29th, 2013

restoran nelayanApakah Anda ingin berlibur ke Medan? Jika iya, Anda bisa mencari info hotel beserta fasilitas dan harganya di GetUsHotel. Tidak lengkap rasanya kalau ke Medan tidak mencicipi makanan khasnya, bukan? Dalam hal ini, Anda bisa kunjungi tempat-tempat berikut:

Tip Top Restoran and Lunchroom. Restoran berada di Jalan Achmad Yani, Kesawan, Medan. Hotel yang mengusung konsep klasik ini menawarkan berbagai menu masakan mulai dari Belanda, Nusantara, sampai dengan China. Kisaran harga yang ditawarkan restoran ini mulai dari 10 ribu sampai dengan 60 ribu rupiah.

Seafood Wajir. Anda penyuka seafood? Jika iya, Anda bisa berkunjung ke jalan Wajir No. 31, Medan. Anda bisa menikmati berbagai olahan seafood mulai pukul 16:30 sampai dengan 23:00. Kisaran harga yang ditawarkan restoran ini mulai dari 15 ribu sampai dengan 45 ribu rupiah saja.

Restoran Nelayan. Di sisi lain, Anda juga bisa mengunjungi Restoran Nelayan di kawasan Merdeka Walk, Medan. Masakan China dan berbagai olahan durian adalah menu andalan dari restoran ini, Untuk harga, restoran membandrol harga mulai dari 13 ribu rupiah.


Benefits of Becoming a Retailer

November 28th, 2013

retailBecoming a retailer is one of the business ideas. Having a want to run a business you can consider choosing it. Loving automotive you can become one of the Polaris dealer. By the way, what are the benefits of becoming a retailer?

Becoming a retailer you don’t certainly need to produce your own product. The only thing you need to do is looking for manufacturers that produce product you want to sell and then buy their product in bulk to be sold again in your retailer store.

It means you reduce burdens. You can focus on selling the product. You don’t need to think about looking for suppliers that offer product materials, recruiting workers to work in production position, etc. You also don’t need to think about increasing product quality. Besides, you need less initial money because buying product from wholesaler is more likely cheaper than producing product on your own.